AirBNB Wedding Holland, MI | Katlin & Joe

March 13, 2021

This time a year ago Katlin and I were sipping coffee with her mom at Starbucks talking about how in a few weeks we’d be back to normal. The day after Katlin and I met to discuss her wedding, the whole world shut down. Plans continued for her large downriver wedding unbeknownst to anyone that the pandemic would last a lot longer than we had anticipated. As time went on, it became apparent that Katlin and Joe were not going to be able to have the wedding they were planning safely. They had to switch gears to an AirBNB wedding and reached out to me to talk about the changes. They were hoping for the best, but fearing the worst as some of their vendors weren’t able to work with them.

My heart goes out to all the couples planning their wedding during this pandemic. I can’t imagine the stress of wedding planning on top of the uncertainty that the event may not be allowed to take place at all. During all the shuffling of schedules and changes, I have done my best to be as flexible as possible for them. If I can take any of that weight off their shoulders, I will do whatever I can to help. During our FaceTime meeting, Katlin and her mom talked about the shift to an AirBNB wedding on the west side of Michigan. I was SO in! Katlin and her mother breathed a sigh of relief.

AirBNB Wedding on the Dunes

The two hour drive to the AirBNB was so beautiful. Long drives are something that I love. Usually I’ll listen to a podcast or belt out some Broadway tunes on the road. When I arrived, the narrow driveway snaked through a forest and up the one side of the sand dunes. It snowed a few days before and the branches of the pine trees were topped with sparkling mounds of snow. Despite getting a little stuck on the uphill driveway, my jaw dropped when I saw the house perched on the Lake Michigan shoreline. The inside was no less stunning. Prior to their wedding, I had searched the location online and found a few photos, but the owners had since remodeled the whole house. The view of Lake Michigan and the open floorplan was beyond perfect.

What’s a Pickleback?

Katlin and her wedding party were getting ready in a couple of the adjoining bedrooms when I walked in. They decided to do a group shot together called a pickleback. I had never heard of that before, but it is a concoction of pickle juice and whiskey. The faces the ladies made when they took the shot were priceless! Even though I love pickles, I can’t say this is a drink I’d be excited to try if I drank.

The Intimate Details

Once everyone was ready, they set up the livestream for their family that couldn’t make the trip. Katlin and her dad walked down the hallway to meet Joe at the altar. Let me tell you, the love in that room was so abundant. Their parents, siblings, sibling’s partners, and their kids were everyone in attendance. The full focus was on Katlin and Joe saying their vows. If anything good has come out of COVID, it’s the rise of intimate weddings like this. There wasn’t a whole lot of hustle and bustle, everyone could really relax and enjoy the day.

After their first kiss and family photos, Katlin asked if I could recreate one of their grandparents wedding photos. Um, absolutely! Wedding photos from all four sets of grandparents in frames made the backdrop for their cake. I thought that touch was the most amazing detail. Katlin had picked the image of her grandfather leaning back in a chair smoking a cigar and her grandmother with a lit match in her hand. The image was so much fun to recreate and I love that they’ll be able to show that to their kids and hopefully grandkids in the future.

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