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We’re both dreamers with a very clear vision about our creative work.

Michigan based photographer, Natalie Jones

Natalie Schultz

OWNER & LEAD Photographer


I’m the lady with a degree in photography and over 14 years of experience being a Michigan wedding photographer. While I work to get the perfect images for you, you'll hear me squeal with excitement when my vision takes form. Throughout your wedding day we'll laugh together, I'll be pretending not to cry from behind my camera during the dances, and we'll become instant friends by the end of the night.

Coffee lover, mama to a spunky little girl, and HILARIOUS TWINS. crocheting and crafting are my jam.

Some stuff you need to know about me

my perfect coffee order is

I'm obsessed with

rhinos, coffee, & my planner

vanilla and caramel latte

My favorite person is

Nothing makes me happier than

Natalie Schultz, Michigan wedding photographer poses in front of Bright Walls mural in Jackson, Michigan

warm summer days on the lake

my kids, of course!

I started this business

I’m addicted to

Outback ranch dressing

when I was 21

most likely to binge watch

my favorite music to jam to

anything HGTV

Broadway musicals & hip hop

it's one extreme or the other in my minivan

Shawna Gerry, second wedding photographer for Natalie Mae Photography

Shawna Gerry

SECOND Photographer


Shawna is my right hand girl! I met her when I was a baby fresh photographer living in Jackson, MI. At the time she hired me to do a family session for her, then later she went to the same college I did to study photography. We've worked together for over 7 years, second shooting for one another. It's gotten to the point where we practically have the same vision while working weddings together. Shawna is beyond talented and I fully trust her to handle any of my clients should the need ever arise. However, she will tell you that I have worked in many circumstances that most people would not.


Some stuff you need to know about me


I'm obsessed with:

hippos & Judge Judy (she’s

my pretend BFF)

photography of course, reading, and cooking

My favorite person is

My favorite food is

Shawna, second wedding photographer

corn on the cob (there's no punchline to that)

my mini dachshund, Olive (she’s my real BFF)


I’m addicted to

Starbucks & Audible

curled up at the end of my couch

with my laptop


i'm most proud of

being a single mom of 4 daughters

Showtunes (serious Broadway junkie)


Let me see your ring!


You’ve spent months planning every little detail to Pinterest perfection. Everything is coming together, but in twenty-four short hours your wedding day will come and go. It will be a whirlwind of emotions and the two of you getting pulled in all different directions. Do you even remember if those DIY table decorations you worked so hard on got put out?

That’s where I can help!

With over 14 years of experience photographing Michigan weddings, engagements, and elopements for couples that appreciate the smaller pieces that make up the larger picture. John Wooden nailed it when he said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” All those bits and pieces and moving parts make up your whole wedding day, so why not remember them? Imagine 10 years from now, walking through your home and you stop to glance at one of your wedding photos on the wall. You feel the same joy you felt on your wedding day rush through you at the sight of that image. That raw emotion is what I live for and I am here to capture it for you.

Natalie Mae Photography in front of Bright Walls mural in Jackson, Michigan

So What’s Up With the Rhino?

Yeah, I know it’s a weird animal to be in love with, but they are just sooo cute! When I started to work on the redesign of my logo, I knew I wanted something that would be very true to who I am. For years they have been my favorite animal, when I researched their meaning and symbolism, I discovered the rhino was a perfect fit for me. The message a rhino brings is to stop and give thanks to the countless miracles occurring in every moment of your life. Dude, that’s exactly what I do as a photographer! How perfect!

random fact: i have a huge rhino tattoo on my right bicep

Boho bride and groom smiling at each other at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Gay wedding couple kisses at Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Serving the great mitten state of Michigan

CoupleS & Wedding PhotographY

Natalie Jones, Michigan wedding photographer with a rainbow mural behind her

Groom kisses bride's shoulder under gazebo on Belle Isle

Pine Knob Mansion wedding photographer

i am

An Ally to All

Behind the scenes at a real session

A small glimpse into what it's really like to work with me. The couples and I had just met that day and had only communicated via messages prior. You can see how quickly they became relaxed in front of the camera.

Kind Words

A private moment between Michigan LGBTQ wedding couple at their Novi wedding

Pine Knob Mansion wedding party - Pine Knob Mansion toast - Pine Knob Michigan Wedding Photographer

Michigan fantasy wedding photographer

I still can't get over how awesome you gals were at our wedding.

Natalie is a very skilled photographer. Her work is high quality and she is very creative. I highly recommend her photography services.

Thank you for being a part of it! You and Shawna made my day absolutely perfect. You made me feel calm and comfortable, like we've been friends forever.

— Cheryl & emily



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