Pinckney Wedding Ore Creek Cidery | Dawn & Karla

December 11, 2020

Dawn & Karla met up with me at Ore Creek Cidery one Saturday afternoon to discuss their upcoming Pinckney wedding. The owners had graciously agreed to allow it to take place at the cidery. Ore Creek has only been opened for a year, however the building is a Pinckney staple. It has been around for a LONG time before the cidery. The building previously played host to a church, a school house, a boat repair shop, and a hardware store, now it was the home to the most delicious hard cider I have ever tasted. I don’t drink very often, maybe once or twice a year, but I can totally see myself relaxing around their bonfire sipping a cider in the fall. One of my favorite things about Ore Creek is that they don’t have any TV’s. In today’s technology age, it’s nice to have an actual face-to-face conversation with someone.

The two ladies were telling me how laid back the morning of their Pinckney wedding was going to go. They had planned it to be a small elopement with just the two of them, two friends, and the officiant. The owners let them in to set up all the décor early. Let me tell you, these ladies are professionals! I want to hire them to decorate my house or set up my mini sessions. They had shutters and all the cute little fall touches that you could ever want. They completely transformed the cidery’s hearth into the perfect autumn altar.

Where Everybody Knows Everybody

The morning of their Pinckney wedding, I ran into Starbucks to grab a coffee since I was a little early. When I made my way up to the counter, low and behold Dawn and Karla were right in front of me in line. Walking toward them I chuckled, “Aren’t you two supposed to be getting ready?” Nonchalantly Karla replied the venue was already decorated and she couldn’t do anything without her coffee first. A philosophy I can totally get behind, so we grabbed our drinks, then agreed we would see each other shortly.

Pinckney Wedding

Once the owners opened the doors, I set up the lighting. While I readied my gear, Dawn and Karla set up their phone to live stream their wedding. Plus, Karla joked that the video could capture Dawn if she happened to fall while trying to walk in heels! As someone that does not wear heels, I completely recognize Dawn’s struggle. Thankfully, all the walking went off without a hitch and their vows were exchanged in a beautiful ceremony.

In an adjacent room sat the beautiful cake made to look like a birch tree. It even had rings like a tree stump would on the top of each layer, and the base was surrounded by sunflowers. The two ladies cut the cake and then served the rest of us each a piece. Getting to have cake for breakfast is definitely one perk of being an adult! From there we did a few photos around the property and then it was time for Ore Creek to open their doors to the public. I was only there for two hours, however it was the perfect amount of time to capture Dawn and Karla’s Pinckney wedding.

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This is so sweet! I love that they had it at a brewing couple, that’s so unique and special. Gorgeous images 🙂

What a good idea to elope in a cidery. It’s very cool that the history of the building is now intertwined in their marriage as well (and I am the same way, appreciating the lack of TV’s in restaurants, breweries, etc.).

Their decorations were beautiful. I can’t believe they set it all up themselves, they did a great job. You captured all of their details amazingly, it really makes me want to go grab a cider! And I hope she didn’t fall, she looked fabulous in those heels!!

i love all the candid shots you got. Ore Creek Cidery looks like a beautiful spot for a wedding!

They look so gorgeous! Love all the little details of the venue you captured.

This is so unique, I love it! I love that these two ladies sound so laid back–my favorite kind of people! You did such a great job capturing their day! Also, cake at breakfast sounds like the best day ever.

I agree, cake for breakfast is the best!!

What a sweet looking couple! I love all their details– you did an awesome job capturing the day!

Oh my gosh I would love to go to a wedding at a cidery. This is probably the most unique spots I have seen a wedding happen. So cool!

Thanks! It’s definitely been one of my favorite locations so far!

What a sweet couple! And how awesome for the cider house to allow you guys to have the ceremony there! It is beautiful and so are these photos!

Thank you! Ore Creek was beyond amazing to work with!