Belleville Wedding | Carmen & Chris

October 14, 2020

Do you ever have a dream where you step into a fairytale land full of lush greens and a blanket of full blooms? That’s exactly what it felt like at Carmen and Chris’ Belleville wedding. The entire event took place on their family’s property and business, Piggly Petals Flower Farm. When I arrived Carmen was putting the finishing touches on the guy’s boutonnieres. Her and her design team did ALL the florals for the whole wedding! I’m talking growing them, harvesting, and making every arrangement. I have never been more impressed in my life, and based on their attention to detail and quality of work, I would HIGHLY recommend them!

Generations of Love

Their ceremony was officiated by Carmen’s uncle. Their Belleville wedding was short and sweet, but could not have been more beautiful in front of the extravagant floral arbor. Once it was over, we did the list of family photos that Carmen and Chris provided. Hands down (haha pun intended, I love a good pun), the image below is my favorite photo with Carmen, her mother, and her grandmother all wearing their wedding rings on top of the bouquet. It’s not too often that I get to take this one, but just the memories of all three weddings in one photo makes me tear up every time. It’s such a beautiful moment to have.

From there I took Carmen and Chris off by themselves to capture a few sweet minutes between the two of them. While surveying the area earlier in the day, I noticed the flower gardens on the side of the house were in full bloom and they had a sunflower field! Every year I always try to find a sunflower field to do photos in, but for one reason or another I miss the season. I was ecstatic that theirs was still in bloom! Carmen said she had planted them so that way they would be blossoming in conjunction with her wedding. Gosh, I love when a good plan comes together!


Venue: Piggly Petals Flower Farm
Officiant: Carmen’s uncle, Art Bonasse
Florist: Carmen herself and Piggly Petals Flower Farm
Catering: Angel Food Catering
Alterations: FaMiri Designs
Cake & Cookies: Rumis
Hair & Makeup: Inspirations


The flower girls made me smile, such cuties! Beautiful wedding!

The sunflower field is so beautiful

This is a beautiful wedding and yuh captures the details so well!!

I love all the flowers and the pretty colours! And the mismatched bridesmaid dresses are so fun, also the wedding favours are my fav thing ever!!

Piggly Petals Flower Farm??? What a fabulous name, and the florals in this wedding are just to die for. I love the sunflower shots, and agree with you on the generation of hands on the bouquet. something that will be cherished for years to come

Such a dreamy day…made my heart swell…and those floral portraits made me all excited! Absolutely stunning!

Gorgeous! Love the sunflowers, and you can totally feel the love radiating through the screen!