Backyard Westland Wedding | Amanda & Jennifer

April 8, 2021

When we chatted on the phone about their Westland wedding Amanda and Jennifer told me that they had spent the summer remodeling their backyard. They removed a ton of trees to really open up the space. Together they spent hours laying down new seed, designing and planting flower beds, and building a gazebo. If anything is going to test a bond between couples, it will be following directions to build something. However they tackled it and came out way ahead because their yard was incredible! I told them that I will be hitting them up later to come help with my own yard.

Westland Wedding Oasis

So not only did they remodel, they also added a she shed/pub to their yard. It’s one of the sweetest hangouts I have seen. Outside it looks like a garage, but inside there are a couple of couches to chill on, a refrigerator to keep things cold, and a fully stocked bar! Mae, their bartender, kept the drinks coming all night for everyone and did a fantastic job. All along the walls were vintage pinup photos and ads, the whole vibe was so chill. Not going to lie, I don’t even drink, but I may have to copy their idea and add one of these to my own backyard.

Daddy’s Girl

Their backyard Westland wedding ceremony took place under their newly built gazebo. Harper and Avery, the flower girls, sprinkled petals down the aisle in a very animated and carefree manner, just like any princess would. Then Amanda and her dad started to walk down the aisle. Immediately the tears started flowing, looking around at the guests, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found. It was such an emotional moment as his face was beaming while holding her arm and making their way to the altar. After the ceremony, Amanda’s first dance with her dad was no less emotional. As I’ve said before, I pretty much cry at every wedding, but I was bawling behind my camera as I watched them swaying. I’m close with my dad and father/daughter dances always hit me right in the feels.

The rest of the night was full of laughter! The best men recounted hilarious stories of Amanda and Jennifer, and how they just knew shortly after seeing them together that they would be married someday. Even after meeting them that day, it was clear to see that they were meant to be together. Next it was time to cut the cake, chants encouraging them to smash it in each other’s face roared through the tent. Amanda went for it, smearing blueberry cake and frosting all over Jennifer’s face. Everyone was cracking up and Jennifer was a great sport about it! Just before I left, the bonfire was lit and a s’mores bar was set out for the guests. It was literally the perfect ending for their fall Westland wedding.


Venue: Amanda & Jennifer’s house
Officiant: Heidi Stenson
Amanda’s Attire: David’s Bridal
Jennifer’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Florals & Cake: Jen Bailer (cousin)
Hair & Makeup: Kristie Melodia (cousin)
Catering: Dave (best man)

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