Matthaei Botanical Gardens Micro Wedding | Jim & Kevin

September 16, 2020

When Jim and Kevin told me that they were having an Ann Arbor micro wedding on Halloween at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, I was beyond pumped! First of all, Matthaei in Ann Arbor is one of my favorite places to photograph at because it’s so beautiful all year around. Secondly, Halloween wedding, need I say more? Even though they didn’t with a whole Halloween theme, it is still such a fun day to get married (and an easy anniversary to remember).

Ann Arbor Micro Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place atop the bridge in the Tropical House. It was beautifully intimate with Jim and Kevin surrounded by about fifteen of their closest family and friends. A friend of theirs officiated and there were plenty of tears to go around. After the ceremony Jim, Kevin, and I wandered around the Temperate House and Arid House stopping at various spots to capture a few sweet moments between them. Afterward we made our way to the Perennial Garden located behind the Conservatory to take their family photos. This is my favorite of the outside gardens, it reminds me of a royal English garden. I really hope to get to photograph a wedding in that location one day. In the evening it’s blanketed in shade with large pine trees at the head of the space. Just plain gorgeous!

Small World

Years later when I met Larry and Ward at the PrideSource LGBTQ Wedding Expo in Detroit, they were looking through my sample images I had at my booth. Suddenly they stopped and told me they knew Jim and Kevin! I’m always amazed when couples see other couples they know in my work. I travel throughout the state for Michigan weddings, so it’s not like I’m in the same area with the same people all the time, yet I still manage to meet couples that know each other. And I’m not talking a word of mouth thing, this was just a random happenstance.

Ann Arbor micro wedding
Jim and Kevin at their Ann Arbor micro wedding
Matthaei Botanical Gardens micro wedding
LGBTQ couple exchanges vows
Michigan LGBTQ wedding couple exchanges vows
Exchanging rings at LGBTQ wedding
Wedding party hugs after ceremony
First kiss between gay men at their Michigan micro wedding
LGBTQ wedding first kiss
Signing the marriage license
LGBTQ wedding couple signs marriage license at October wedding
Ann Arbor micro wedding at Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Michigan gay wedding couple
LGBTQ couple cuddle after their Ann Arbor micro wedding
Colorful fall leaves around Michigan gay wedding couple
Couple kisses at Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Michigan wedding couple inside the Tropical House at Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Couple standing hand-in-hand
Ann Arbor micro wedding couple kisses in the Arid House at Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Men's mechanical wedding bands
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What a lovely space. You can really see how much these two love each other

Love a garden/greenhouse venue! And how they look at each other just melts your heart. Beautiful wedding!

Small weddings are always the best. So full of emotion!

I’m HERE for these micro weddings now a days! Love how you captured their day.

Oh wow this is so beautiful, what an amazing little wedding day!

Oh my goodness- how special is this?!! My heart melted at the third photo! You captured this wedding so perfectly!

So intimate and emotional ❤️

Awww this was so sweet and intimate! Loved it!!