Tahquamenon Falls Elopement | Shannon & Russell

December 23, 2020

There are quite a few Facebook wedding groups that I belong to. Many couples will post seeking out vendors and sometimes I will reply offering my services. There are a ton of photographers in these groups so most of the time it’s like throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. So when I saw Shannon & Russell’s post about their Tahquamenon Falls elopement, I naturally had to put my name in the ring. When they reached out I was ecstatic! I have been blessed to photograph some absolutely gorgeous weddings, but nothing like the stunning landscape of Northern Michigan. And let me tell you, I am hooked!

Pure Michigan Drive

The morning of their Tahquamenon Falls elopement, I set out on the road about 10am. My GPS told me I would get up there early enough to check into my hotel before setting off to the falls. Well, after many failed attempts to get coffee, my timeline shortened and I was headed straight to Upper Tahquamenon Falls. The drive up was so gorgeous with Michigan’s autumn colors painting the landscape. While driving I listened to the audiobook of Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. It’s the second book in the All Souls Trilogy and a perfect read for October. There’s vampires, witches, and demons so if that’s your thing, then I highly recommend it.

Tahquamenon Falls Elopement

When I arrived at the falls there were far more visitors than I had expected to be there. I thought that since it was past the color peak up there and the threat of snow, most would stay away. However it was simple to find Shannon as she was the only one with a lavish ball gown walking around the parking lot. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran over to her. She gathered the last of her things and we headed towards the falls.

Shannon and I stopped short of the overlook so Russell couldn’t see her. I snagged a few images of her and some of the details before making my way to Russell. The officiant introduced himself to me as “The Oversized Leprechaun” and I instantly he was going to make this fun. My heart melted when I saw Russell, he was a ball of nervous energy and couldn’t wait to see Shannon. As she walked down the path with her dad, his smile grew until it was from ear to ear. The two of them did a hand fasting ceremony just as the snow started to fall. Talk about a magical moment, despite the tourists walking by, all of the focus was on them. Next they exchanged rings and recited the vows they wrote to each other. Their whole Tahquamenon Falls elopement could not have been more beautiful.

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Absolutely love how you captured the emotions and vibes of the day! They look like such a sweet couple! 🙂

Aww, Michigan in the fall is so pretty and you captured it so beautifully! Really lovely work.

Tahquamenon is a beautiful place for an elopement! These photos are absolutely gorgeous.

Such a cute wedding, LOVE the fall colors!

Beautiful elopement. You did such an amazing job capturing all the emotions and the little moments! Well done!

So beautiful. That fall foliage is stunning & there are so many beautiful moments captured!

Beautiful elopement! You captured so many sweet moments! I laughed when I read the “The Oversized Leprechaun” part.

These are beautiful! Love all the fall colors