Matthaei Botanical Gardens Couple | Clint & Meggie

August 19, 2020

Lush green gardens are not exactly what you think about when you’re talking about December in Michigan, but that’s what we got for Clint and Meggie’s couples session. Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor are open year round which makes for a great location no matter the season. I think my favorite part of the gardens is that you can get a couple different vibes from it. The tropical house makes you feel like you just stepped into the jungle, while the arid house looks like a desert landscape. Plus, depending on the time of year, they have a sea of flowers in their outside gardens.

Clint and Meggie were so darn cute together, I could have sworn we were doing an engagement session! Or maybe even a surprise proposal. Ugh, I would die of excitement! Complete side note: if you’re planning to propose, please, please, PLEASE email me! I would LOVE to help capture it! Anyway, there is just a deep connection between the two of them. I always help guide couples throughout the session into different poses, but they were naturals.

When we were done doing some photos inside Matthaei Botanical Gardens, we decided to brave the chilly weather outside. Thankfully it wasn’t snowing, but it was brisk for sure. I had to work quickly! I snapped a few photos of the two of them, then we all had to warm up. One of them lived in Florida at the time so they were really feeling the cooler temps.

Surprise Ending to the Story

So I’m also really behind times in blogging sessions and weddings, this couples session happened two years ago, almost three years at this point. I’m super excited that the two of them have actually gotten married! I knew I felt an amazing connection between the two of them. They were just too adorable!

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The cactus are SO BIG! I love everything about this venue!

So adorable! What a great location!

Botanical gardens are always a welcome respite in cold-weather states! I always love being in their magic.

This location is incredible

These are so cute!! I’m such a sucker for botanical gardens, such a unique, indoor spot that still features amazing plants!!

Such a sweet couple! I love green houses that have lush plants even in the winter!

What a cute couple, they look so happy!