Jackson Country Club Wedding | Eric & Molly

May 19, 2021

Being an assistant photographer (or “second shooter” as most photographers call it), is awesome! I still get to do the thing I love, photograph weddings, but I get a little more artistic freedom. While the lead photographer is focused on the must-have images, I can play around with different angles, new lighting, and things that I generally don’t get to focus on at weddings of my own. For Eric and Molly’s Jackson Country Club wedding I got to do just that! They allowed so much time between their ceremony and reception, it was a photographer’s dream. They both had their wedding photos high on their priority list, therefore they wanted to make sure we had ample time to do our jobs and capture some really great moments.

The day began at Queen of the Miraculous Medal Church in Jackson. When I am assisting, the lead takes one partner and I usually hang with the other partner while they’re getting ready. When I arrived Eric and his guys try to fold a pocket square. Let me tell you, I laughed so hard! They had all the YouTube videos going trying to figure it out. Now, I can bustle pretty much any dress and even tie a tie, but pocket squares got me. I was zero help in that situation!

Downtown Jackson

Once the ceremony and family photos wrapped up at the church, we took the whole wedding party all over downtown Jackson. First, we stopped at Art 634, a center for artists to collaborate near the old prison. They have gorgeous, historic, brick buildings with sides covered in overgrowth. Molly and Eric brought along a boozy piñata filled with shot bottles. We found a nearby tree to hand it on and a branch to whack it with. Watching the wedding party scramble in their tuxes and fancy dresses was too funny! When everyone was properly “hydrated” we moved on down the road.

Underneath the train bridge there is a really colorful mural and fabulously rusty trestles. It was the perfect location to pile the whole wedding party on. After a few images there, we dismissed the wedding party to enjoy their beverages and took Molly and Eric to the historic post office building. The afternoon light in there is always perfection. We love to give the couple a few minutes to themselves before they get to their reception. It’s a nice breather in all the hustle and bustle of the day. After we finished up there, we got everything loaded back up to head to their Jackson Country Club wedding reception.

Jackson Country Club Wedding

We had previously photographed a wedding at the Country Club of Jackson, so we knew the layout and what to expect beforehand. That’s something that is handy, but isn’t always necessary. When going to a new location, I always scope out the place on my walk in, or take a break between the action to check things out. After working weddings for 13 years, I have learned to find the little hidden treasures at every venue. My favorite part about weddings at the Country Club of Jackson, is that it’s on a golf course. If time allows, I love taking couples out for a sunset on the green. There’s gorgeous open landscape with gentle rolling hills and the perfect view of the sunset.


Lead Photographer | Shawna Gerry Photography
Ceremony | Queen of the Miraculous Medal Church
Reception | Country Club of Jackson
Rings | Rogers & Hollands