Kensington Metropark Engagement | Mel & Sally

June 1, 2021

On the inquiry page, I always ask couples to tell me a little about themselves. Usually how they met or things that they like to do together. I could just tell from that first message from Sally that she was my kind of people! She wrote a great, in-depth paragraph of how her and Mel met, plus what their wedding was going to be like. WIN!! I love hearing these kind of love stories. Then I noticed her email. It was actually coming from the same 9-5 job that I work. It was fate! We were meant to work together and I could not have been more pumped for her Kensington Metropark engagement session and wedding this fall.

Side Note: Yes, I don’t JUST do photography. Why not work a M-F when the majority of my couples get married on a weekend?! Would I be thrilled to do photography full time? HECK YES! But that’s not going to work in this season of my life and that’s okay. My couples still have an amazing experience and that is what truly matters.

I digress…one of the things Mel and Sally like to do together is ride bikes and go for walks. We originally discussed another location, but the scenery just wasn’t what they were looking for. Then Sally came up with going to Kensington Metropark for the engagement session. I was SO in! It had been years since I had been there, but knew that there were many great places for photos.

Kensington Metropark Engagement – Snow White Edition

We met up at the Nature Center and walked along the boardwalk. Even though I have seen posts from my friends feeding birds from their hands, I wasn’t prepared for how fearless they actually were. A couple different times, birds would land right next to us. I’m talking I could pet them that’s how close they were! Then at the end of their session we saw a raccoon hanging around our cars. I can’t wait to bring my kids back and let them see all the wildlife up close.

Check out the park’s website if you would like to plan your visit.